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Matthews ran for her first office in 2018, not knowing anyone in politics on either side. She knew that she wanted to represent working folks that may not have been groomed or versed in politics but were very much frustrated with the current political climate.

Matthews, 41, believes that young adults, minorities, women, and working families are the backbone of our state. She was inspired to run for office because she believes that people who look like her and come from backgrounds like hers are often affected the most and heard the least.


At the Statehouse, she has been a champion for women and girls, veteran’s issues, economic development, and infrastructure.


While the pandemic underlined inequalities in America’s workforce, our healthcare, and even our classrooms,At a time when so many people are doing all they can to mentally and physically survive this pandemic,  we need someone who understands balance.

The irreparable damage done by SC current leadership will have a staggering ripple affect for future generations
We've got work to do in our own backyard. And I'd rather clean it up than cover it up. 
Every election is a choice. And in 2022, the choice will be even more clear.


We have to choose a candidate who is not concerned about parties or personalities. But concerned about leadership and restoration for the people of South Carolina.



I am asking for your vote on Tuesday November 8th . 


"I'm Krystle Nichole Matthews and I'm running for the US SENATE."

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